What is ZB.com?

ZB.com is (really) a cryptocurrency exchange from China that has been active since 2017. It is the only exchange from the country of Samoa that we know of; however, it is registered in Samoa.

Weekly visits
820 893
Fiat supported
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ZB.COM offers

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Crypto earn alerts on ZB.COM

Criffy gives you the perfect way to stay on top of Earn programs on crypto exchanges. For ZB.COM, you can easily track new earning opportunities, keep an eye on APY changes for specific offers, or get notified when you can start earning interest on a particular cryptocurrency. Creating an alert lets you stay informed about the best earning possibilities on ZB.COM!

ZB.COM crypto cards

At the moment, we don't have information on crypto cards from ZB.COM. However, you can explore and select the right crypto card from other providers. Our selection includes a variety of cards that offer different benefits and features, ensuring you find the best match for your needs. Whether you're looking for cashback, low fees, or specific perks, our comparison tools will guide you in making the right choice.

ZB.COM supported cryptocurrencies

ZB.COM offers an impressive lineup of 138 different cryptocurrencies, from well-known giants like Bitcoin and Ethereum to a diverse array of intriguing altcoins. With 243 trading pairs available, you have a wealth of opportunities to explore and trade.

ZB.COM supported fiat

ZB.COM makes it easy for everyone by supporting a variety of fiat currencies like AED, CNY, RUB, UYU, USD, CAD, TWD, HUP, UZS, AUD, COP, NZD. This means you can deposit and withdraw funds in your local currency without any hassle.

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