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We have all crypto earning opportunities in one place like a Savings, Staking, DeFi or Lendings

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Whether you are a Financial Institution, Crypto Platform, Staking Provider, DeFi, Exchange or Wallet, we do have reliable data you need

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Our service provides historical data on APY changes

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You can try our API for free for top cryptocurrencies to make an informed partnership decision

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We offer diverse pricing options and tailored API packages to fit your project's requirements, making sure you get exactly what you're looking for.




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Frequently asked questions

Yes, our API is available with a key that you can get after filling out the form.
We are integrated with the best crypto exchanges, wallets, lending platforms and DeFi.
Our free API has a rate limit of 30 calls per minute.
Documentation is under development and will be available soon.
“Pro account” is a paid version of Criffy’s account with unlimited favorites lists, new best offers notifications, CSV export and more. Learn more about Pro account.
This is the availability status of a certain earnings offer on the partner’s site. It can be closed or open for investment.
API Terms of Service is under development and will be available soon.

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